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Rushane T ( Shayne T ) is a New York City based Blogger and Stylist. Shayne grew up on the Island of Jamaica where he found his love for fashion watching his grandmother a seamstress create garments for the masses. Growing up he was always very expressive with his clothing and would add his own touch to his school uniform and daily outfits, he was the go-to person in his household and his community at large when anyone was having trouble putting an outfit together. At an early age he could be found hand-sewing garments for his sisters Barbie dolls with left over fabric that his grandma didn’t use. Shayne went on to study Clothing and Textiles  in high school where his skills in garment construction were enhanced.    Shayne has a passion for men’s wear (even though he works with women as well) and in aide of such created the Instagram blog name Trendymale in 2012 ;that has been recognized by majors Brands such as Izod and jcrew as well as industry elite Ty Hunter. Shayne has worked closely with designers styling their collect for New York fashion week as well as a free lance visual merchandising for many NYC retailers and boutiques he is currently a resident Visual Merchandiser with a major retailer in NYC. Let him help you curate you closet, pick out your work attire or get you ready for a star-studded event.

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