Back to school ; spring semester edition. 

We all remember growing up being excited for school, we couldn’t wait to get to school to show off our new clothes. For me this has not changed, Im heading back to the classroom  in the spring semester and I can’t wait to show off my Trendy outfits. I’m setting the bar super high in the spring semester when it’s comes to my fashion choices  because not only is it the first week of school; it’s also New York Fashion Week Men’s. And guess who will be covering (Hopefully me) I’m still waiting for CFDA to approve my passes. (fingers crossed) Hope you Trendy Males like my choices and maybe you can get some ideas to add to your closet. 

Check it out! 


Lumberjack cuffed Beanie
We know it gets super cold in NYC and head gear is super important on those cold days. I got this beanie from Urbam outfitters, for a great bargain two for $19. 

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Day tote by All-Son

If any one knows me they know I’m a sucker for a tote bag and when I saw this one I had to get it. The tote is by ALL-Son and its exclusive carrier is Urban Outfitters. Can you believe it only cost me $35? It has a ton of space, it even fits my Mac Book. I had to get it! As a side note for the people in NYC, I was told that the bags are $49 in store, but if you show them the online advert (Link below) they will do a price match. 

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!!!! Tee from With Passion’ by Ty Hunter

I want to start out the spring semester with lots of positivity and I thought what other way to do so than to wear a shirt from Mr Positivity himself,  Ty Hunter.  I picked the !!!! Tee from his Served Fresh With Passion collection. (I ordered the shirt a little late so I may not get in time for the first day of classes) either way I will still be able to wear it this semester. 
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 This year I opted for more long-sleeved button down shirts and lots of them. I chose to get these shirts because you can dress them up or down as you please, so I can go from super casual to Wall Street chic in two seconds by adding a blazer or a tie. I’ll be doing a tremendous amount of work this semester between classes and my new project Inside the Industry  (You will hear more soon) these shirts will be suitable for any occasion. 

Slim fit Khaki Joggers

I got a few pair of pants on my voyage for school clothes, but these bad boys are my favorite. Khaki joggers gives the look of your classic Khaki style pants while keeping you sleek and sporty. I opted for them in both Navy and Desert sand, and also for a great steal priced at only $29. 

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These are just a few of the pieces that I got for the “Spring semester” of school. Please stayed tuned to see my coverage of NYFWM.  I will be covering the shows weather or not my passes are approved. My passes being approved would be a great stride for me, in aide of making Trendy Male a known name in the fashion industry as well as a career booster for me taking my career in Fashion Journalism  to a next level.   Stayed tuned my Trendy Males! 

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Written By : Rushane Thelwell

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