New York Fashion week men’s 

By : Rushane Thelwell
Hello My Trendy Males! As you know I recently covered Men’s fashion week. I wanted to share with my readers my look for the final day. I closed the week with a bang, check it out!

Men’s fashion week was filled with men cald in monochoromatic suits ( which can be nice) , but as a Trendy Male I had to go against the grain and my SpongeBob shirt was the right fit for the occasion.
I rocked these Puma’s that were quite the attention getter as well. Thanks to Puma for sending me these.
I wouldn’t be a good brand ambassador if I didn’t rock my Shore Projects Watch


Last but not least my vintage sun-glasses completed my attention grabbing look for the final day !

The outfit was either a hit or miss, I am guess it was a hit, check out my feature in Street Mag Korea. Thanks to Lyrical Daniel for the photos and the feature.

I had a fantastic time this season of Men’s fashion week, as the seasons go on the Trendy Male brand becomes greater and it wouldn’t be possible without my readers. Thank  you all! Check out Trendy Male for my coverage and favorite looks.

Keep being Trendy Males!

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