M.Diggs;The Mahogany Collection.

By: Rushane Thelwell

New York City premier designer, Malcolm Diggs  presented his latest masterpiece yesterday entitled ” The Mahogany Collection” . This is the second collection Diggs has presented  at New York Fashion Week and already he is creating a buzz in the fashion industry and well on his way to success.

The collection was presented to us at a chic Chelsea venue in a standing presentation style. Diggs branded this collection as Luxury Resort Wear and it was nothing short of spectacular. With a total of sixteen looks Diggs spilt his attention evenly between the menswear and women’s wear designs which is a commendable stride as he is a self acclaimed co-ed designer. He paid homage to the 70’s silhouettes ; giving us modern day Diana Ross chic.

The intriging collection featured a color palette of emerald, black and gold. An all black cast was featured in the presentation, which Diggs mentioned in a brief interview that this was purposely done. ” I wanted to feature an all black cast so show a representation of our beauty standards as well as uplift our people” said Diggs.


.The men’s wear portion of the collection combined tailoring and multipurpose pieces to that can be reworked and worn on a daily basis. High Collars, Silk-blend, high fashion lounge wear to say the least.   Unzipped  and showing off the the stomach;  high waisted and wide-legged trousers; a few meshed pieces; and the simple, but chic leather slip on sandals with just the right amount of fur. Just the outfits id like to be wearing as a lounge in the Caribbean on an extended vacation.


Diggs truly showed his talented in this collection as shows his true pontential as a designer.The overall collection was captivated and brought us great nostalgic moments from the 70’s with a modern twist.  We can’t wait for next season. Until then you can shop the latest collection Here


And stayed tuned to Trendy-male.com and our Instagram we might have an exclusive interview and a closer look at the collection coming up. Let us know what you’d like to see next.

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