Revive Your White Sneaker(s)

By : Rushane Thelwell

The summer is quickly approaching it’s almost time to dust off your favorite white sneakers, that you abandoned in the winter months. There is no doubt that you will need them  to complete those epic summer looks.  There is only one problem they are not  sparkling and white as when you  first bought them, but Trendy Male is here to save the day and help you to get them looking brand spanking new once more.

For this project you will need :

  1. Laundry detergent.
  2. Shout or any stain remover.
  3. Your favorite pair of white sneakers.
  4. A tooth brush. ( Not the one you currently use )
  5. A sponge or rag.

For leather sneakers like the Adidas Stan Smiths you will do the following.

Apply a quarter sized amount of detergent to the wet sponge or rag and use it to clean the leather area of the sneaker.

Once that’s done you will need to spray Shout or any stain remover to the sole of  the shoe as it’s usually the most stain ridden.

Use the tooth brush to remove the stains from the sole, you will need to apply some elbow greases depending on how dirty the sneaker is.

After the stains are removed use the rag or sponge to give the sneaker a final wipe down.

To finish the look add a brand new pair of white laces.

For Canvas sneakers like Convese and Vans you will do the following.

  1. Spray sneaker with shout or any other stain remover.
  2. Use toothbrush to rib stains to loosen them.
  3. Allow sneaker to sit for 24 hours or more for maximum stain removal effects.
  4. Apply a quarter sized ammount of laundry detergent to the sneaker.
  5. Wash in a cold laundry cycle.
  6. Air Dry

                          Happy Cleaning!


By : Rushane Thelwell

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