The Birthday Shoot.

Hello My Trendy Males !!!!

By : Rushane Thelwell


I celebrated my birthday on October 5, I usually don’t do much for my birthday, but this year was a bit different…. I decided that I wanted to do a shoot and share it with my readers. So here you go!



Windy and all my photographer and I headed to the finical district to make the birthday magic happen.


With Six Balloons and an all black outfit, a concept  I borrowed from fellow Journalist Claire Sulmers  set the tone for the shoot.



This Mandarin Collared shirt is a labor of love, I finished it moments before we started the shoot, I was super excited to create and wear a piece by my own hands once more.


Birthdays are always a great time to celebrate, I also use it reflect and give thanks. Trendy Male has grown so much since I first started and I would like to thank all my readers for the continued support.


Thank to Clarks for these amazing Boots that I used for the shoot. Ill definitely be rocking these through the fall winter season.

Thanks once again for all the love and support, I look forward to growing and blossoming into great things with my readers by my side….
Keep being trendy until next time!!!!

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