Model spotlight; Selassie Cofie 

It’s not very often a young man gets to follow his dream, but lucky enough for Selassie Cofie he has received the opportunity and is well on his way. The Jersey native  has recently been signed to Red Model Management and already he’s making a name for himself in the industry. 
As a child Cofie recalls being complimented on his dark skin and exotic features. Never taking it too serious he brushed off the compliments. As the years went on the compliments became apart of his everyday routine, and Cofie’s confidence grew. His parents were constant in letting him know that he was a beautiful black man and is to be proud of who he is. 

After months of researching the top agencies in the business and doing online model applications- Cofie decided that wasn’t enough and finally took the chance to go to an open call. With the help of Jersey club music and lots of support for his family and friends he made his way to New York to an open call for Red Model Management. 

Cofie recalls being extremely nervous for the open-call, as he entered  the building and up the elevator made some final adjustments to ensure he was looking his best. As he stepped off the elevator he could see aspiring models being turned down and feared this might be his demise as well. This was not the fate of Cofie after a brief conversation with his now agent George Brown Cofie Became one of the newest model sign to the Red clan. 

And it was magical from then on. That very same day he had a photoshoot with the newly signed models as well as a casting that he wasn’t chosen for. This did not hinder Cofie, he has since been working on his model profolio and has been blessed to work with top photographers who have worked with top names in the industry Beyoncé and Adele to name a few. 

Cofie hopes to spread a message of acceptance to his fans and the industry at large. In his own words he’s wants to remind us that ” Black is Beautiful”           ” Because growing up I wasn’t always comfortable with my skin, I was told the racist jokes because I’m ghanaian so I heard it all. At the time those jokes used to put me down  it actually made me want to become lighter” Said Cofie 

We wish you nothing, but success in your career. We look forward to seeing to grace the runway with your large Afro and striking presence. Good Luck in all things Cofie! 

 By Rushane Thelwell

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