Model Spotlight;Kwame Sarfo 

You first saw Kwame Safro in our Seven Male Models to Watch in 2017 article – so it’s only right that we featured him in our model spotlight. The twenty four year old Jersey resident was born right here in Brooklyn New York and relocated to his present residence in Parlin Jersey at a tender age.

Growing up Sarfo  described himself as a shy individual and often lacking confidence due to the constant negative attention he received from his peers as a result of his darker skin tone and strong African features. At this time becoming a model was the furthest thing from his mind, a young Sarfo dreamed of being a NBA star,  little did he know that life had other plans for him.

At the age of seventeen ( 17) Sarfo enrolled in college and his confidence-lacking days were long gone. With his new found confidence Safro learned to embrace his culture and became comfortable in his skin. From this point on there was no turning back.

In his freshman year of college Kwame signed up to walk in a fashion show hosted by his school’s African Students Association. He thought it would be a fun way to meet girls little did he know that this would be a catapult into what would become a career for him.

Kwame could not get enough of the runway, if there was a runway show at school he would be in it. He had a new found love for modeling and had gained quite the notoriety among his school’s populous.

With his new found passion for modeling it was time to take his talent to a bigger stage. After months of research and motivation from his peers Kwame decided it was time to become a professional model. 

Becoming a signed model prove to be a mammoth task for Kwame. After eightytwo ( 82) online applications and fifteen ( 15) opens calls he still had not received a nod from an agency. He was told “too big ” “not commercial enough” nonetheless he did not give up.

It was a beautiful Thursday evening when he received an email from Wihelmina Philadelphia inviting him to an open call. He recalls being nervous on the day of casting, lucky enough he was what they were looking for. Sarfo persevered and has made history in being the first model of Ghanaian heritage to be signed to Wilhelmina Philadelphia.

It is perseverance, resilience and will power that has brought Sarfo so far along in his career. He hopes that one day he will inspire young people through his story to follow their dreams. He wants to remind us that no matter what hurdle you face in life you can overcome them  and become successful.

We wish Sarfo success and longevity in his career, we look forward to seeing him do amazing things both on and off the runway.

Written by Rushane Thelwell

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