Lucid Bliss ; Haircare for All 

Celebrity hairstylist Tiffany Lamb  launched a new haircare line and great news guys its a Unisex line.

The line includes a Shampoo, Conditoner, Hair Refresher and Vitamin drop. The new hair care system promotes hair growth and the halting progression of hair loss.  

I spoke with Tiffany Lamb about why she created the product and what her motivation behind it making it unisex. Lamb mentioned that she too went through the tragic process of hair loss and she wanted a product that was all natural and would get the job done so she created Lucid Bliss. She also mentioned that she didn’t want to leave any one out when she created the product,  as a black woman she knew what it felt like to be left out that was her motivation to make the product unisex. 

Lamb recommend daily use of the Vitamins drops for gentlemen it contain  17 amino acids, and high levels of B, vitamins and minerals. If you are experiencing hair loss or looking for a luxurious all natural hair care products, Lucid Bliss is definitely the way to go. 

Be sure to check it out. 

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Rushane Thelwell

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